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I first met Ed nearly 20 years ago when we were recruited to stabilize a real-estate-based hedge fund that had been severely mismanaged. During the 5 years we worked together on this project, I came to appreciate not only the depth of his knowledge of tax, accounting, and real estate finance, but also his ability to parse through very complicated problems and communicate solutions to various stakeholders, often in very high-pressure circumstances. During this time he gained universal respect for the accuracy of his analysis, creativity of his approach, and most importantly, his honesty. Since the time we worked together, I have chosen to be an investment partner in virtually all projects that Connexion Asset Group has assembled and been more than pleased with the results. Over the past dozen years or so, these investments have produced meaningful returns and benefited my family immensely. I have complete faith in his team’s integrity and ability, and recommend them to anyone seeking real estate expertise or investment opportunities.

Paul Hellmers
Former President and CEO of Centre Solutions (Bermuda)

Ed Anderson’s success has come from hard work with a smart, analytical, and logical approach to investing. He exercises good judgment either to proceed with a real estate venture or has the wisdom from his experiences to not get involved. His transparency, his performance record, and his willingness to invest his personal funds along with his investor funds has established his most important qualities with investors — those qualities being trust, integrity, transparency, and of course, good performance.

Bill Sorensen
Former Managing Partner, Boettcher & Co

We have been investors with Ed and Connexion for over a decade in dozens of deals. Ed has produced good to exceptional results in each of those deals. Ed has a wealth of experience in sourcing, analyzing and underwriting deals, but what we value most about Ed is that he has exceptional “instincts” in evaluating real estate and the discipline to pass on deals that ultimately don’t meet his standards and the creativity to react when things don’t go exactly as planned.

Bob Bach
Partner, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

I've built, owned, and managed all types of real estate; however, time convinced me to invest with others rather than be burdened with daily demands. I can't count the number of deals in which I own an interest. The key to success in these investments is the principal(s) of the Sponsor! The most knowledgeable, attentive, and creative is Ed Anderson. He has a sixth sense as to where opportunity is or may be and his integrity exceeds the remarkable profits his investments make. I delight in investing with Connexion Asset Group!!

Larry Atler
Investor and Philanthropist
Dynamically Driving


We truly see our investors as a family. Our long-term commitment to our investors is based on the long-term commitment our team has made to one another, and to seeing our investments through for the long-term. The differentiators below help us drive trusted relationships with — and lasting value for — Connexion’s investors.


Most often, deals find us. Our well-established local, national, and international relationships enable us to find and negotiate the best deals that aren’t yet on the market. We have proven our ability to take on assets others may overlook to create value for our investors.


No investment is without risk. That’s where Connexion’s 40+ years of deal structuring expertise matters. We know how to structure deals to minimize risk and align with our operating partners, creating attractive risk/return profiles and improving outcomes for all involved.


We have the patience to wait for the right deals, and the discipline to walk away from the wrong ones. We always invest in our own deals. We pay investors first. And we are not driven by fees: We only earn our fees when our investors make money.


Consistent returns come from committed, highly experienced investment teams. Our lean, seasoned, loyal team has worked together for decades. With more than 95 years of combined investment experience between our three executives, we draw upon broad expertise in commercial real estate partnerships and JVs; acquisitions; deal analysis, structuring, and financing; entity recapitalization; asset management; taxation; leasing; and more.

Working with CAG, you can count on speed, innovation, transparency, responsiveness, integrity, and reliable ROI.

Our history of success in creative real estate investing is the foundation upon which we are building Connexion Asset Group. I believe our partners will look back upon their decision to invest in CAG with great satisfaction.

Edwin G. Anderson III
Connexion Asset Group CEO

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